To Our Algonquin Inn customers:

This is according to the current global situation that relates to the pandemic known as Coronavirus (COVID-19). The situation has global impacts, in Canada it has changed the daily life and operations. The virus has affected many schools, colleges, businesses, and workplaces, and the whole of Canada is in solidarity fighting against the pandemic. In this fight, we are creating awareness programs at our facilities i.e. AlgonquinInn Holiday resort site. The great deal of uncertainty that has risen has almost turned into a chaos. The health and well-being of our customers are part of our priorities for which AlgonquinInn has taken many immediate and drastic measurements.

AlgonquinInn efforts and consistent action is part of their responsibility to take precautionary measures for the safety and well-being of our customers and those associated. As radical steps we have increased the level of cleaning on our location and additional sanitizing. We are also in constant customer compliance, overlooking their requests and their queries and providing them with the best possible suggestions.

Our priorities also includes giving full support to our associates which includes the customers and the business community. Algonquin Inn, Canada is also highly committed online in serving our customers at with the measures taken in hospitality industry Canada, we have a huge intension to keep our customers safe and healthy and free from any presence of coronavirus. The commitments of AlgonquinInn are transparent and holds no monetary advantage or anything related with profitability. Hospitality industry is about trust and service provisions giving the customers the best results on a daily basis. Through highly proactive measures we have developed a mechanism to create awareness programs in our vicinity and giving health tips and guidelines. We are constantly providing wipes to our customers, along with health related material. Also provided them with hand sanitizers, disinfectants and masks. The healthcare services, police and fire are all working in collaboration in a ready-for-action state in connection with AlgonquinInn.

The Inn is highly committed in order to keep you informed and abreast of the whole situation as and when it is happening. All our customers and other business associates are at highest priority and we don’t want to have any loop holes related to the precautionary measures and awareness programs. Please find new information posted at, as and when it becomes available.

Syed Mansoor Naqvi,
President, MBE Group Inc. & owner Algonquin Inn, Canada