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Loon photography

Loon photography

To North Americans the loon is a symbol of wilderness and solitude. Its’ stunning beauty has made it one of the most sought after birds to photograph. To get close to our subject we use a very stable boat with comfortable swivel seats and a removable bimini top to protect us from the sun & rain. The 20 hp outboard will get us to our destination quickly, but when we arrive a silent electric motor gets us in close to the loon & offers you up close photo opportunities.

June Is Wildlife Month! Here at Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park Wildlife Viewing

May and June has more Moose sightings than any other time of the year. The moose come out along the roads for leftover winter salt from the winter sanding operations that pools into salty puddles beside

Highway # 60 .It is almost impossible not to see at least one Moose on a drive through Algonquin Park during these months. Although many animal species can be observed May through November most visitors find that the best viewing is before the heat of the summer but after food sources again become available and Algonquin Park animals are busy taking advantage of the many emerging sources of food.

It is very common to see moose, black bear, deer, foxes, beaver, wolves right along the road. Those willing to venture can observe many animal species if you have the patience to wait quietly at an observation spot. If you have the time for longer stays in the Park you typically get a feel for observation points and of course morning and evening are prime times.

When you stay at Algonquin Lakeside Inn resort during the month of June for wildlife observation you will receive a complimentary copy of the Mammals of Algonquin Park book which can be put to good use when hiking in the area.