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Algonquin Photography

Algonquin Photography

The Algonquin lakeside Inn, the perfect location for travel into Algonquin park, just 7 short kilometers to the West Gate, conveniently, on Oxtongue lake at highway #60. Perfect for those early sunrise shots or, after a long day in the park, a short drive back to a great meal on site and warm comfortable accommodation.

The Algonquin lakeside Inn welcomes not only the individual photographer but also groups and workshops. Offering such amenities as it’s own restaurant and a meeting room perfect for conducting a workshop session, in the perfect ideal location, as well as a guiding service.

Should you be looking for a professional photographic guide then we can provide that service be it for the individual or group, for the professional or novice, our guide has over 25yrs of experience in the park and the local area.
Offering their expertise with all things Algonquin, nature, landscapes and wildlife. Also and including instruction on proper composition, lighting, equipment , animal behaviours and more. Two of the most popular themed trips are for Moose and Loons.