Spring At Algonquin Lakeside Inn On Oxtongue Lake

Lakes free up from the winter ice, at the beginning of April.
Animals, which disappeared over the winter, hibernating, or going south, return. Most noticeably, the Moose and Loons. We see an abundance of them along the Highway 60 corridor, early morning and dusk, as the brackish salt water, left behind after the long cold Canadian winter, draws them in. If you wish to have a close encounter with these amazing creatures this is the perfect time.It is the time to see this years newborns with their mothers, they will be shedding their winter coats, ready for the warmer weather.

If you are a birder, you will no doubt be aware that it is a time when the migratory birds return from warmer climbs, bird watchers from all over the world will want to come here from Pelee Island and then on to the Algonquin Park for the Boreal Forrest residents.

Spring is another truly beautiful time to hike Algonquin, with its’ fresh vibrant greens of new shoots and leaves, and the promise of another wonderful season. Once the lake is safe enough for the canoes to be put out for the free use of our guests. Don’t be surprised to see the busy Beaver out making repairs to his lodge and introducing his young to the local neighborhood. You may be privileged to see the family of Loons also out with their young.

Summer At The Algonquin Lakeside Inn On Oxtongue Lake

Summer is a wonderful time of year anywhere, but on Oxtongue Lake, it is something truly special. Take a quiet lazy Canoe ride on the lake, to nearby Ragged Falls, a truly relaxing experience, with a great payoff. Take a cool drink and a sandwich or spend the day at Algonquin Park right on our doorstep. Hike the many themed trails, visit the new East Gate Visitors center and the Logging Museum. With so much to see and do, you will go back home refreshed and with a new sense of well being and renewal.